Monday, December 5, 2016

Chapter 18 - Fall 2016

Panama City, FL

If you’re looking for white sand beaches, ridiculously gorgeous sunsets and flawless weather, then Panama City is the place to go. Nearly every evening of the 5 or so weeks we were there, we ate our dinner watching the sunset at either a nearby beach on the Gulf of Mexico, or on a dock overlooking East Bay.

Table for 2 please
Lizzie loves the sunsets

And, because Charli doesn’t believe in sleeping, many of our mornings started with sunrise coffees on the other side of East Bay.

By the way, if anybody is interested, I would be happy to send you a thousand or so sunrise/sunset pictures… you know, in case you’ve never seen one before.

I’ve always loved the Florida gulf coast and Panama City did not disappoint. From snorkeling in the nearby St. Andrews State Park or Cape San Blas peninsula, to jet-skiing with the dolphins by Shell Island, we had an amazing time.

Road Trip 2

After an extremely pleasant 6 weeks of caring for three of the sweetest animals ever (1 adorable yellow lab and 2 beautiful cats), the owners came back from their vacation and we had to leave. We didn’t want to leave but for some reason they decided they preferred to live in their house alone. Whatever.

Anyway, we had another house to get to in Scottsdale, AZ so another road trip was under way! A few highlights from this trip were:

A dolphin-watching tour in Pensacola Florida

Camping with the alligators in Sam Houston Jones State Park near Lake Charles, LA.
Yes, use caution while sleeping in a nylon tent next to alligators

and frolicking in White Sands National Monument by El Paso, TX.

She was having so much fun, I didn't have the heart to tell her that you're supposed to do jumping jacks standing up.

Scottsdale, AZ

Which leads us to here… house sitting a few yards from the 13th tee of the gorgeous Troon North Golf Course with these two lovable characters.
Even though we could literally walk 50 steps and be on the nicest golf course in Arizona, we won’t… because:
a. we don’t even know how to swing a golf stick

b. that should be good enough answer

Fortunately, there are many other awesome things to do around here, including our most favorite thing of all… hiking! And even though sweet little Moka can’t hike as far as we can, we don’t let that stop us.

The best part of hiking with Moka is how many people giggle when they walk past us.

They must think she is awfully cute.


  1. Smiled the whole way through this post! I love that you get to do what you're doing, guys. And seeing Jeff carrying a dog in a sling was worth the price of admission. You know, I paid to get in this shiny new blog of yours. Where's my hand stamp?!

    Once again, thanks for sharing your amazing adventures!!


  2. p.s. I just noticed the pet tails in your blog header. Perfect!