Saturday, September 5, 2020

Chapter 31 - Florida

At the end of my last post I stated, "My next post will be a photo journal of our time here in Florida." Apparently I'm a clairvoyant because... that's what THIS is!

During our 4 months in the beautiful southwest gulf coast of Florida, we had the opportunity to see and do a ton of amazing things, including kayaking in scenic rivers (with alligators), snorkeling in azure blue waters over colorful coral reefs, and experiencing close encounters with dolphins, giant rays, manatees, sharks and yes, alligators. And even though you should see them, I'll spare you the 500 or so stunning sunrise and sunset pictures and just give you a sampling of some of our favorite moments. 

The bottom line is... Florida is SO much more than Ft. Lauderdale and Disney World. Take a look.


The house we were at sat on a canal that led into the Peace River. When we first got there we borrowed the owner's kayaks, but within 2 weeks we had our own inflatables. This picture is a typical morning on the river. We tried to get out and see the sunrise at least 3 times per week, and it ALWAYS looked this beautiful.

7 AM on the Peace River

Our amazing inflatables

Orange River in Fort Myers, FL - one of our favorite kayak spots

Us on Shell Creek as seen from a friendly local's drone

Shell Creek - we kayaked 6 miles up this river from our house to the dam
Oh, and 6 miles back as well

Alligators are in all the rivers and creeks around there, but they're not interested in kayakers. We think.


Nothing defines southwest Florida better than its white sand beaches. Although Charli and I are not interested in "sunbathing" we do very much enjoy them for walking, having dinner at sunset, swimming and snorkeling, and a favorite of ours - collecting shark teeth! Because of a certain way the ocean floor slants at Venice Beach, shark teeth have been collecting there for millions of years and if you're patient you can find a bunch.

This is how you do it

And this is what you get!

Tip-toeing Ibis trying to sneak past us

Key West and the Dry Tortugas

Charli and I love Key West. We took our kids there about 10 years ago and wanted to go back ever since. This year, however, we booked a trip to the Dry Tortugas and Key West was the launch site, so we were thrilled to get a chance to go back and do a little camping at the same time.

From Mallory Square at sunset - of course

I've never seen clouds do this before - but it is very cool

Our beach-side campsite

The theater I performed in with Livingston Fury in the mid 80s

Historic Fort Jefferson at the Dry Tortugas

Not my picture but an accurate representation of what it's like to snorkel here

Leaving Fort Jefferson

Dry Tortugas as seen from a sea plane (internet photo - I don't have a sea plane)

A gull and and girl

Until next time... I hope you enjoyed our slide show!