Monday, January 25, 2016

Chapter 14 - 2016!

Happy New Year everyone!

2015 has been amazing. I've pretty much run out of adjectives to describe the things we've experienced over the last year... so now I just say everything is amazing. The homes are amazing, the pets are amazing, the cities are amazing and the home owners themselves are... you guessed it... AMAZING!

When we started our first house sit in January 2015, we knew right away that it was going to be a fun ride, but we never imagined how amaz incredible the first year would actually be. House sitting has far exceeded our expectations in every way and we are super psyched to forge on into 2016 and beyond. ESPECIALLY now that we see what's in front of us. I mean come on... take a look at this!
Santa Fe, NM This is where we are currently living. Before we even arrived the owner gave us a warning... "Just beware, once you come to Santa Fe you will fall in love with it and will end up living here later!" We laughed and felt good about the message behind her comment... that it sounded like a really nice place to live. 

Typical gallery on Canyon Road
Now, after living here for the last few weeks, we're starting to wonder if she isn't right. Santa Fe truly is under the Land of Enchantment's spell and is nearly impossible to resist. Just a few blocks away is the world famous Canyon Road district, home to over 200 art galleries of every style. These charming adobe shops are packed with oils, watercolors, sculptures, weaves, abstracts and on and on. You can spend days just wandering around and seeing beautiful artwork inside the galleries, out on the sidewalks, on the sides of buildings and on walls. Art is EVERYWHERE here and it is fantastic.

AND... in addition to the human art, nature's art is abundant. Whether you're simply walking the inner city trails of Santa Fe or exploring any one of the dozens of national or state parks within an hour, you will enjoy spectacular places such as this.

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument
Honestly, we love this place. The weather is mild, the people are nice and the nature is crazy beautiful. So who knows, maybe when the time is right our home owner's prophecy will come true, and then we will gladly hear her tell us "I told you so!"

Marlboro, VT After we leave Santa Fe we head straight east across the country to the city of Marlboro VT. Population 978!

We really enjoy the upper north east area and are looking forward to spending time in this quaint little New England town, caring for this quaint little New England home...

I just hope we'll be comfortable. You know how claustrophobic those tiny houses can be.

Hull, MA Following Marlboro, we head down to the Boston area, where we will have the pleasure of living right on Boston Harbor, in the beautiful peninsula village of Hull, Massachusetts.

The arrow is pointing to our future house sit
(click to enlarge)
Here you can see the Boston skyline, right from the upper deck. We are especially excited about this gig because we've always wanted to live on the water, and this house is literally on the shore.

Boston skyline from the deck
Hopefully we won't have to live through one of those legendary nor'easters you hear about!

Ok, maybe just one.

Point of Rocks, MD The last stop on the east coast leg of Jeff and Charli's House Sitting Across America tour is the Washington DC area. Here we will be just a block away from the Potomac River in the historic B&O Railroad town of Point of Rocks, Maryland. This will provide us an opportunity to take the train down into DC and do some long overdue sightseeing of our nation's capital.

It should be interesting to be in this area. I understand there's some kind of election going on this year. I guess I'll have to look into that a little deeper to see what that's all about.

Portland, OR Of course what would a national tour be without a hop across the US. After finishing up in Point of Rocks, we will charge up the ol' Prius and zoom back across the country to one of our favorite spots of 2015... Portland, OR! Here you will find us nestled right up against the Lewis and Clark Rose Garden and beautiful Willamette River with the entrance to the River View Natural Area trails just a few yards down the road. And the best part?... We get to see all the old friends we made the last time we were there! Yay us!

Vancouver, BC, Canada What's after Portland? Why Vancouver Canada of course! This is a particularly exciting one for us because we view it as our first trial run for house sitting internationally. Our goal in the next 2 years is to "hop over the pond" and see what damage we can do in Europe, and Vancouver will be the perfect place to test out the logistics of working from another country.

As well, we also know how beautiful it is, after taking a cruise ship to Alaska from there about 10 years ago. In fact, during the interview process with the home owners, they were kind enough to turn their Skype around and show us the view from their balcony, and low and behold there was the port of Vancouver. Gulp!

Evergreen, CO Our final date to wrap up this summer will take us to the amazing (ok, it's been long enough, I can use it again) town of Evergreen, Colorado. To us, Colorado is a magnet we cannot resist. We first spent our honeymoon there, then visited several times with our kids on vacations, and recently had an incredible house sit in Ridgway, CO. And from what we've seen from the home owner, this one will be awesome as well. In fact, we had the pleasure of spending some time with her when she was down in Phoenix on business, and we are really excited to get to know her better and care for her beautiful home in one of our favorite places on earth... the majestic Rocky Mountains!

And there you have it... 2016 as we know it so far. We hope you are enjoying reading about our journey because our plan is to keep on trucking as long as people will have us.

So until next time!

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